Sown Comfort is a Veteran Woman-Owned Small Business

based in California Heights, Long Beach, a Historic District in Southern California.
My name is Diane.  I specialize in handcrafted aromatherapy goods and I

realize that prioritizing peace, comfort, & relaxation is not a luxury, but a necessity. 


Have you ever really thought about what brings you peace?  How about comfort? 

How do you relax?  Or, do you relax?

Do you ever take a moment for yourself?  Do you feel guilty if you do?

Now, more than ever, we need to take care of ourselves --that includes the health of our bodies and our minds.



  I started using my bundt soap.  I like yours better than I like LUSH!

  --Jaime C  (I was absolutely thrilled to hear this!)

  Some of my favorite Sown Comfort products are the salt scrubs, Aromatherapy pain relief salve, &

  calming inhalers and creams.  Diane always uses natural ingredients and makes her products with

  love & attention to her customer's specific needs.  They always smell lovely.  I'm giving quite a few as            Christmas gifts.  I highly recommend.

  --Kirstin T

   I think I did all my Christmas shopping with you!!

   --Kimberly S  (Yes, she's a real person, and, no, she wasn't paid to say this.) 

  I love my soaps!  At first, I didn't want to open them because they were so beautifully wrapped, but

  then my curiosity got the best of me -- I loved the scents and the way my skin felt as I lathered up!

  --Alicia C